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Q1: What is the price of ivf at your clinic?

Ans: IVF costs about 3,200 thousand dollars, this price includes ie drugs, investigations, embryo freezing, cost of IVF/ICSI, cost of IVF transfer and a second attempt at IVF using vitrified embryos.
If vitrification of excess oocytes is not done then the cost of IVF/ ICSI would be 2700$.

Q2: What is the time stay required?

Ans: The total duration of stay in India will be one month.

Q3: What are the medicine protocols? Are they included? How long must I stay on medicines?

Ans: You need to take drugs for 25 days i.e. 10 days of agonist injections and 15 days of hormone injections.

Q4: What are the embryo transfers Are two or three or four transferred?

Ans: 3 good quality embryos are transferred per IVF cycle.

Q5: Do you do double transfers in one cycle?

Ans: We will try two transfers in one treatment attempt provided there are excess oocytes.

Q6: Do you perform egg donor ivf along with the patients own eggs to increase success?

Ans: It depends on the choice of the patient if you choose we can also use a donor, the cost of donor will be 1000$ extra i.e. the fees of the donor.

Q7: What measures do you do to ensure PCOS patients have good outcomes?

Ans: Yes, we have had successful pregnancies for PCOS patients, PCOS can be corrected medically ie using drugs such as metformin, clomiphene citrate or FSH injections. Also weight loss of patient is beneficial in treatment of PCOS.

Q8: Also is there a reservation in the clinic or will we be seen right away upon arrival.

Ans: Overseas patients get priority treatment with regards to IVF, your treatment will start the month you arrive in India.

Q9: Also what is the maximum amount of embryos transferred in one cycle?

Ans: Three embryos per cycle ie three good quality embryos.

Q10: And yes my periods were irregular but now they have all being regular monthly?

Ans: This can be corrected by medications, periods are irregular in case of PCOS, we can correct this with medically.

Q11: Can a specialist of GDIFR call us directly in USA, UK or Australia to answer our questions?

Ans: Please give us your telephone number, we can call you back to within 24 hours and personally answer all your questions.

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