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IVF Surrogacy in India

Q1. What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a treatment protocol used in ART. The term surrogacy is used when a woman carries pregnancy and gives birth to a child for another woman. In the case of ART the surrogate is not genetically linked to the child hence such surrogacy is denoted as gestational surrogacy.

Q2. Types Of Surrogacy

IVF / Gestational Surrogacy India - This is the most common form of Surrogacy practiced in ART. Here the surrogate has no genetic link with the child. Here the surrogate carries the child for the genetic couple. The wife's eggs are fertilized by the husband's sperm by means of IVF/ ICSI and transferred into the surrogate's uterus. The surrogate's uterine endometrium is matched with the uterus of the mother with help of certain medications before embryo transfer occurs.
Traditional / Natural surrogacy - In this case the surrogate is genetically linked to the child i.e. the pregnancy is a product of surrogates oocyte and husbands sperm. This method is not practiced in IVF centers.
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Q3. Who Are The Candidates Of IVF Surrogacy

  1. IVF surrogacy is indicated for women with any pathological condition of their uterus or suffering from any systemic disease
  2. Mullerian agenesis - A developmental disorder where there is absence of uterus formation.
  3. Pan hysterectomy/ Hysterectomy- Surgical removal of entire uterus that is done in cases of malignancy, uterine rupture, uncontrolled uterine bleeding during surgery.
  4. Malformation of Uterus-- unicornuate uterus, bicornuate uterus with rudimentary horn.
  5. Previous TB of uterus
  6. Risk of uterine rupture in cases where previously surgery has been done and there is presence of uterine scar
  7. Women with systemic diseases such such as diabetes, heart disease, renal problem that pose grave threat to the life of the mother in case of pregnancy.
  8. Woman with RH incompatibility.

Q4. Do You Need IVF Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is definitely a valid medical intervention and is the only hope for thousands of women who cannot carry pregnancy themselves. Parents go through a lot of emotional stress and it's difficult to take a decision as big as this. However we believe that every couple deserves to have a biological child and for many this is the only option. However we will be with there at every step helping you overcomes your fears and apprehensions about the process. Adoption is another alternative that parents can choose.

Q5. Criteria For Selecting The Surrogate

  1. The surrogate is screened for diseases such as HIV, HeptB, Thalasemia, Systemic Illness and declared fit to undergo pregnancy.
  2. The mental and intellectual evaluation of the surrogate is done.
  3. General USG scan of uterus is done to rule out any malformations of uterus and endometrial receptivity is assessed so that we can maximize the chances of pregnancy.
  4. The surrogate must comply with the guidelines set by ICMR

Q6. Process Of IVF Surrogacy

The process of IVF surrogacy is very similar to routine IVF except for the fact that in the latter case pregnancy is carried by the surrogate. IVF surrogacy is generally done using the mothers oocytes/eggs . In some cases where the age of the mother is greater than 38/40 years or her age is < 35 but she is unresponsive to IVF stimulation, egg/oocyte donors may be required for IVF surrogacy

For IVF Surrogacy a process called uterine matching has to be done such that the uterine endometrium of both oocyte donor/mother and recipient are in the same phase ie the surrogates uterus has to be primed to undergo implantation and sustain pregnancy.

Generally GnRH down regulation is done for both mother and surrogate to stop their cycles. Certain estrogen supplement tablets ie Progynova is given to the surrogate that causes uterine endometrium proliferation and readies the uterus to receive the embryo.

Oocytes are harvested in the mother by The Long Acting GnRH Agonist protocol or The Short Acting GnRH Antagonist protocol. Please refer to the page on services to understand our IVF stimulation protocol.

Patients have to arrive at Kolkata on day 12 of their cycle. From day 12 to day 20 we perform certain investigations by which we understand the problems that are causing infertility. From day 20 to day 30 we administer the patient GnRH agonist drug to down regulate her cycle. From day 2/3 of her next cycle the patient is given hormonal injections ie Recagon ( Recombinant FSH / LH) daily sc to harvest oocytes.

We can individualize the above mentioned treatment depending on the case of the patient, please correspond with our IVF expert if you want further modification of your treatment plan suiting your convenience.

Routine USG follicle study is done every 2-3 days after initiation of hormone injections and once the size of follicles approaches 16 - 18 mm ( on day 14 of the cycle ) they are aspirated under USG guidance.

IVF or ICSI is performed and the zygote/embryos are cultured in the lab for 2-3 days. This is followed by USG guided embryo transfer, which is done by Dr. Ghosh Dastidar himself, as it is the most crucial determinant of IVF success. We generally transfer the embryo at blastocyst stage as it increases the chance of implantation and clinical pregnancy.

After transfer progesterone luteal support is given to the surrogate to maintain pregnancy.

We have a team of expert obgyn specialists who will take care of the surrogate up to delivery.The initial months the surrogate stays in her house and generally after the 6/7 th month she will stay in our centre. We have an on call doctor dedicated to take care of the surrogate. Routine check up of the surrogate is done to ensure her health and well being.

The progress of pregnancy is notified to parents via email and scanned USG reports are also mailed to them.The microscopic photographs of the embryos/ blastocyst is also given to the parents. We will also notify you the course of pregnancy via telephone.

Q7. GDIFR Surrogacy Package Cost

The Surrogacy package price estimate are as follows: -

Package 1 - $18,500
This includes one fresh IVF / ICSI SURROGACY cycle
+ One Frozen - thawed embryo transfer cycle.Hence you literally get two attempts of IVF Surrogacy treatment in the given cost of $ 16,000.
This can only be done in cases where surplus embryos are produced in the 1 st cycle the egg donor.
If this fails then as a compassionate consideration to our valued patients we offer a greatly subsidised Fresh IVF/ ICSI cycle ie a third attempt at a specially subsidised price. For an additional charge of 2500$ you get a third attempt at IVF Surrogacy.

The mentioned fees covers doctor fees, legal fees, surrogate work up, antenatal care, delivery charges, surrogate compensation, egg donor, drugs and consumables, nutritional supplement required by surrogate & IVF costs. There are no hidden costs or extra charges.
Also patients get complementary facilities offered to all international patients ie free airport pick up and drop, free shuttle services between hotel and GDIFR in luxury Toyota corolla sedan car provided by centre , a discount on room tariff in GDIFR partner hotels and a dedicated IVF surrogacy counsellor/ coordinator to guide you through the process.

Procedures Covered by the Services. Amount (Rs) Amount ( USD )
Recruitment, selection, blood tests and preparation of surrogate and legal agreement (non-refundable) 100,000 2000$
Stimulation, drugs, consultation, egg collection, embryology and lab fees and embryo transfer 250,000 5000$
Surrogate fees, routine antenatal medicines, food, travel and monthly allowance 150,000 3000$
Co-ordinator and admin fees 200,000 4000$
Routine antenatal care, doctors appointments, scans and blood tests for normal pregnancy 150,000 3000$
Routine postnatal care, doctors appointments and medicines for surrogate 200,000 4000$
  1050,000 18500$

Q8. Assistance Provided By GDIFR

  • We provide you with a lawyer who helps with all legal assistance
  • We arrange a pre Surrogacy Legal counseling for you
  • We have referential database of intending surrogate mothers. We will forward that to you
  • We have a tie up with a foreign agency that provide oocyte donors of Caucasian origin
  • We represent the intended parents
  • We shall provide the Counseling services for the Surrogate Mother
  • Formulation of Surrogacy Agreement and Contract
  • Legal review of the Contract

GD Institute of Fertility Research is a super specialized center for surrogacy in India with state-of-the-art IVF lab and equipment.

We understand that infertility can create a lot of distress in the life of a couple. Our fertility experts in India opt for a research based approach to fertility treatment. We are the trusted name for IVF treatment and surrogacy in India.

We are the leading Infertility Treatment and IVF Clinic in Kolkata and are internationally recognized as a centre of excellence. At the helm is our Director - Dr. Sudarsan Ghosh Dastidar, a man with over 30 years of experience in this subject.


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