Approach to Infertility

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  • Production of multiple eggs by hormone injection to female partner.
  • Assessment of egg maturity by hormone and ultrasound examination and initiating final maturation by another hormone injection hence deciding the time when eggs will be collected.
  • These harvested eggs are fertilized in the laboratory and the produced zygotes are cultured for 2-5 days.
  • Culture embryos are transferred at different stages.
  • On day 3, 4 or 5 growing embryos are transferred to the recipient mother by simple painless and safe technique scientifically known as embryo transfer. Following IVF and embryo transfer pregnancy is confirmed by blood test after 12-14 days.
    Success rate in IVF per transfer cycle is approximately 30-40%. However, we have achieved much higher success rate in IVF in some spells reaching up to 68%. Thus treatment of infertility by test tube baby method IVF is well-standardized technique with reasonable success rate.



ICSI is the most advanced form of treatment when IVF fails in severe male factor infertility due to very low sperm count or motility; it is performed by direct microinjection of a single sperm cell into an egg cell.


Other Modalities :


Such as donor IVF (when the woman’s age is very high and/or her ovarian reserve and normal egg producing capacity is severely impaired) and IVF-surrogacy (where the woman cannot carry a pregnancy due to gynecological or medical reasons) are also looked into. We, a pioneer in IVF-surrogacy in Asia, Note We ONLY practice IVF-surrogacy, not general surrogacy for reasons not related to obstetric/medical indications, as our institutional ethical committee does not clear it.