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What is in vitro fertilization (IVF)?

In cases of blocked or absent fallopian tubes or low sperm count, in vitro fertilization (IVF) offers couples the chance of biological parenthood.

During IVF, eggs are surgically faraway from the ovary and mixed with sperm outside the body during a Petri dish. After about 40 hours, the eggs are examined to ascertain if they need to become fertilized by the sperm and are dividing into cells. These fertilized eggs (embryos) are then placed within the woman’s uterus, bypassing the fallopian tubes.

IVF has received an excellent deal of media attention since it had been first introduced in 1978 and currently accounts for fewer than five per cent of all infertility treatments within the U.S.

Is in vitro fertilization expensive?

The average cost of an IVF cycle within the U.S. is $12,400. Example as any another excessively elegant medical strategy, IVF involves highly trained professionals with sophisticated laboratories and equipment, and thus the cycle could be needed to be repeated so on achieve success. While IVF and alternative assisted reproductive technologies are often pricey, they account for less than three-hundredths of 1 per cent (0.03%) of U.S. health care costs.

Does in vitro fertilization work?

IVF was introduced within the U.S. in 1981. Repeated with SART, who tracks ART accomplishment rates within the U.S., IVF currently accounts for quite 99% of ART procedures, with GIFT, ZIFT and combination procedures making up the rest. the typical birth rate for IVF in 2008 was 34% of all cycles. The results are slightly better than the 20% chance that a reproductively healthy couple has of achieving pregnancy during a given month and carrying it to term.

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