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Counselling on IVF & Surrogacy

The treatment of infertility may be long, arduous and exhausting. It puts a lot of strain on the couple undertaking the treatment physically, mentally and psychologically. Besides, there are various ethical issues involved, which deem it necessary for all patients, doctors to be very clearly aware of every step in the treatment regime to provide emotional and mental support to patients. Doctors personally conduct counseling sessions at the beginning of the treatment of every patient.


The importance of counseling

In vitro fertilization or IVF as a modality for the treatment of infertility can sometimes be a slightly exhausting and complicated process for couples as the entire treatment protocol has many facets, requirements and lasts for a long duration of time, around one month.

Thus it is mandatory that the patients co-operate with the physician in its various requirements, get involved and participate in the process rather than simply be “recipients” of treatment. For this, some understanding of the process is required.

While our team shall always strive to help the patients with any clarifications during the course of treatment it may not be always possible to entertain all, and many being trivial, queries once one batch of IVF is on making everyone very busy.

The physiological basis of reproduction

Women produce one egg (oocyte) every month. When one such egg is fertilized by a spermatozoon (sperm) of the husband within the female body, pregnancy may result.

The basis of IVF

In IVF sperms and eggs are collected, fertilized in a high-tech lab and the resulting embryo replaced within the female womb. The chances of pregnancy increase with increasing embryo quality. Thus to increase the odds of getting a very good quality embryo it is desirable to fertilise multiple oocytes and choose the best embryos for transfer in to the womb – embryo transfer (ET). Usually 2-3 are transferred. More may be transferred depending on individual cases.

Booking for IVF

At any given time we are usually booked fully for IVF for the next one to three months. The patient needs to talk to us and fix a month for her IVF depending on their convenience and our availability and confirm the booking with a one time non-refundable fee. We always try our best to accommodate patients as far as possible.


Thus it is necessary to collect multiple number of eggs. In order that the woman produces multiple eggs instead of one (physiologic), injections need to be taken to stimulate growth and maturation of eggs.

The first set of injections need to be administered from day 21 ( D-21) of the previous menstrual cycle of the cycle in which IVF will be done. After taking the first at our center the patient can buy and carry home the rest and get them administered by any qualified professional. For reasons of quality control and lowest possible price we supply these injections from our center.

The second set of injections are administered AT OUR CENTER, everyday, for 4-7 days, starting from the 1st or 2nd day of the treatment cycle. On these days the patients are required to be present at the center physically, often for long durations as it involves taking injections, USG monitoring, blood tests, evaluation of reports and daily assessment and consultation. The patients need to arrange their food/transport etc.

Following satisfactory USG findings the patient will be admitted for stay in our nursing home and another single dose injection given.

After 35- 40 hours of this egg will be retrieved transvaginally under USG guidance. This is a safe, painless procedure.

Sperm samples

The husbands are required to donate a sperm sample at the date and time specified. We recommend providing a sample before hand which will be cryo-preserved and may be used later. We have an advanced cryo-preservation unit where embryos can also be preserved for future use in the event of failure of a treatment cycle.

Embryo transfer

Embryos will be transferred on 2nd/3rd day of egg recovery. It is a simple procedure. 2-3 hours rest is recommended following it.

Light normal activities and rest at home is advised after ET. On the 16th day blood and urine samples are obtained to be tested for pregnancy.

Results- IVF success rates

Around 85-95 % of eggs recovered are fertilized successfully in our state of the art laboratories.

infertility treatment clinic Kolkata
infertility treatment clinic Kolkata
infertility treatment clinic Kolkata
infertility treatment clinic Kolkata
infertility treatment clinic Kolkata

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