IVF Success Rate

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Success Rate at GDIFR

The most important criteria for selecting an IVF centres in India is its success rate. IVF is a very expensive medical procedure and it does not ensure 100% success. For couples IVF means a great deal of psychological stress and financial burden.

At GDIFR we have the highest IVF success rates in India.

We have a standard success rate of 55% for ICSI and 50% for IVF below age group 38 years, in certain spell success rates reach upto 60%.

For patients above 38 years success rate varies between 30-40%.

With Donor IVF success rate is about 55-60%.

  1. Our director is recognised as one of the pioneer of IVF centres in India in the Indian subcontinent with an experience of more than 30 years in the field of ART. The 1st ICSI and IVF Surrogacy in India was done by him. He has had the opportunity to learn from and work with stalwarts such as Prof. Robert Edwards at Bourne Hall Clinic Cambridge. Hence at GDIFR you get treated by the most experienced and respected IVF specialist in the Indian Subcontinent.
  2. We have a novel soft stimulation protocol at GDIFR where minimal levels of highly purified gonadotropin combinations are used, hence we minimise the adverse affects of IVF stimulation that have an adverse effect on IVF success rate.
  3. At GDIFR every patient undergoes compulsory Psychological counselling by senior psychiatrist to overcome any hidden stress and tension. Recent research shows that stress is a major factor that contributes to lower sperm count, oocytes retrieval and clinical pregnancy.
  4. Transfer of embryos is generally done at the Blastocyst Stage which increases implantation rate. This is achieved because of the high standard maintained in our IVF lab.
  5. Certain therapeutic interventions are undertaken before embryo transfer aimed at increasing endometrial receptivity.
  6. For selected patients with history of repeated IVF failure we follow a novel protocol of cumulus co culture which helps to improve implantation rates.
  7. In India the number of embryo transfered per IVF cycle is greater is 4-6, hence the chance of success also increases